What Would Your Director Do?

Inertia is the evil of all things. It's so much easier to follow suit, roll with it, conform, be a part of the larger wave, and just let it be. You continue to do it everyday, just because you are lazy to do otherwise. It's easier to stay in that comfort zone. You are not getting what you want, but at least you are not embarrassing yourself. You continue to do it just because it is easy. Not because you actually want to.

I continue to eat that chocolate chip cookie. I continue to hate someone for something immoral they have done. I continue to refuse to radically forgive. I continue to be lazy. I continue to stay in all of my bad habits. It's just easier.

But it's the wrong thing to do. At least it's not what the director would do.

Think of your life as a movie. How would the director write the script of your life? Would he want me to continue to eat that cookie until I become obese? Probably not. He would twist the turn of events so something interesting can happen. He would either make me solve the challenge, or he would burden me with something more challenging.

So next time you are hit by inertia, try to ask yourself, "What would my director do?" The answer will always lead you to put down that cookie.

Alexandra Huang